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For the best off an on the island events, attractions and in-the-know ideas on how to maximize your time on Fort Myers Beach, check out our monthly Staff Picks for our favorite local finds. 

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Come Fly with Me

March 02, 2020

You and your group will take a quick boat ride to Mangrove Island, away from other watersport enthusiasts, so you can fly high over the gorgeous water of Estero Bay.

Flyboarding is a unique watersport that intakes water and uses it to propel a flyer upward by releasing it forcefully back out into the ocean. Flyers can dive into the ocean, take to the sky, and do incredible flips above it all.

You’ll receive easy-to-understand safety and riding information prior to your flight so you will be ready to take on the challenge and have the time of your life. Book your group’s outing today!