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Our Clean Stay Promise

Your Well-Being is Our Top Priority

The safety and security of our guests and employees has always been at the forefront of operations throughout all SunStream properties, and our commitment has never been as strong as it is today. As Pointe Estero continues to welcome guests, the following operating procedures have been implemented at a minimum to provide a clean and comfortable environment for all. Please note that in following CDC guidance, we continue to encourage the use of a face-covering or mask when inside public spaces and businesses and where social distancing is not possible.


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Enhanced Cleaning

We will provide additional staffing that is focused on cleaning and sanitizing.

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Social Distancing

We are enforcing limits on the number of guests allowed in public spaces.

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High Touch Objects

Guest touch points are cleaned multiple times per day by dedicated staff.

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Dedicated Team

Our staff meets daily to review cleaning and disinfecting standards.

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Staff Safety Protocols

We will perform daily temperature checks on all team members.

Guest Services
  • All team members working indoors are required to wear an approved mask regardless of vaccination status.
  • We will install plexiglass barriers at each workstation to protect the spread of COVID-19.
  • Guest Service Agents will be instructed not to share work stations.
  • If a payment device is not handsfree we will ensure sanitation occurs after each use.
  • We will have a system and procedure in place to separate sanitized keys and wristbands from those that are not, and to ensure every room key and wristband is sanitized before being issued to a guest.
  • We will be removing any pen buckets and sanitizing pens between each use.
  • Counters and equipment will be sanitized once per hour.
    Limits will be placed on the number of guests allowed in any confined space.
  • Social distancing measures and barriers will be used in the lobby and other guest areas when necessary.

guest service
  • Daily housekeeping services have been suspended and room cleaning is to be done only upon departures. Guests will be provided with extra bags and instructed to notify the front desk for additional towels and bedding. Guests are asked to leave the bag of soiled items just inside the unit for housekeeping to collect and replace without having to enter, following a contactless procedure.
  • Room Attendants will be required to wear disposable gloves when cleaning units, properly removing and disposing of gloves after each unit.
  • Room Attendants will have procedures in place for sanitizing their housekeeping carts and tools at the beginning of each shift.
  • Cleaning checklist will be issued and used by each room attendant ensuring that all high contact surfaces have been sanitized including but not limited to remote controls, door handles, shower curtain edges, plumbing fixtures, appliances, in-room safes, light switches, thermostats, alarm clocks, telephones, and bathroom amenity holders.
  • We will remove any excess linens, blankets, or pillows from the units.
  • We will remove pens and notepads from the units.

Common Areas
  • We will increase the use of automatic faucets and flush valves in common area restrooms.
  • We will increase the use of automatic soap and towel dispensers in common area restrooms.
  • We will reduce the amount of furniture in the pool area to aid in social distancing efforts among guests.
  • We will ensure beach services vendors are maintaining a minimum of six feet between chairs/cabana setups.
  • We will provide additional hand-sanitizing stations throughout the common areas.
  • We will provide additional staffing that is focused on cleaning and sanitizing high-touch points, including elevators, door handles, vending machines, and luggage carts.
  • We will install signage in the common areas encouraging guests to practice social distancing, wash hands frequently, and wear face masks or other PPE.
  • We will install a minimum of Merv 13 air filters in all common areas and commercial spaces.

common areas
Food & Beverage Outlets
  • We will continue to reduce seating capacity per guidelines issued by the State of Florida.
  • We will only use disposable menus.
  • We will use single-use servingware until further notice.
  • We will encourage all guests to settle accounts through room charges or credit cards, eliminating cash sales whenever possible.
  • We will require all employees who handle food to wear face masks.
  • We will not offer amenities such as complimentary coffee bars or buffet-style meals.
  • We will sanitize check presenters and pens after each use.

foods and beverage
  • We will perform temperature checks daily on all team members. Any team member with a temperature of 100 or higher will be sent home.
  • Team members will practice social distancing when and wherever possible.
  • To the best of our ability, we will maintain an inventory of masks and gloves for all team members who wish to or are required to use them.
  • We will train all team members on the new procedures and encourage anyone who has a concern to step forward. A training acknowledgement form will be signed by all team members currently employed or recalled.
  • We will discontinue the print publications previously provided in the unit, including magazines and in-room directories.
  • Team members are required to wash their hands a minimum of one time per hour.

Our Commitment to Guest Safety & Cleanliness
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